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The Trillion Servers Shop is full of extra features that we have that donators receive to help out Trillion Servers and to add more servers and features to all our Servers. Trillion Servers appreciates anyone that is looking to donate and thanks for playing at Trillion Servers.


Trillion Servers Management Team

Terms Of Service

1.If you purchase a Monthly Rank and only pay for it one month and cancel just so you got it cheaper you will be banned from Trillion Servers.

2.If you are banned from the server you may not Chargeback or try to get a refund this is your responsibility to follow the rules.

3.Charging back will be a ban and we will send this to Paypal.

4.If you buy a monthly rank you agree that Trillion Servers can charge you each month for your Rank.

5.Trillion Servers will never refund unless it was error in a rank purchase but must be reported within the hour of purchase and no longer.

6.Purchasing the Rank(All Servers) you will not be able to change anything about the ranks you will receive all the main ranks for Each of the Servers you can play on.

7.Custom kits are allowed to be revisioned 1 time before we will charge for each revision you are wanting to make.

8.Vaults/Garage Slots are permanent and can't be refunded at all.(At Owners Discretion )

9.Extra Features such as /home can be Refunded 24 Hours from Purchase if you are not happy with the feature.

When you click buy you are accepting this Terms of Service(TOS)
Griffin H.(Founder)

Put into Affect:09/28/19


All Packages/Extras may take 24-48 Hours to be redeemed.

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